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Ana Emerson is an English teacher. She has a desire to change something in her life, being tired of her love relationship, which does not have future. She gets in adventurous trip, to teach young TJ  , in their family house on Maldives.  Suddenly, those two had a plain crush, and they end up together on the desert Island. Being put into this circumstances, they must be ready to survive. But, are they ready to fell in love, even if she is 13 years older than him?  Or are they ready to keep their love safe from other people when they are rescued? 

“I don’t fit in your world.”
“Neither do I,” he said, his expression tender yet resolute. “So let’s make our own. We’ve done it before.” 

People around me are constantly saying, that life is unpredictable, and you never know what is going to happen tomorrow, in a month, a year. So, I believe that Anna, did not dream of having a plan crush, or being alone with 16-years old TJ on the Island for 3 years, and that she will fall in love with the same.

Today, an age difference is discriminated by a lot of people. In my country, M O S T L Y. That is relevant. We all have different opinion, but we should’t judge. Reading this book, I realize that L O V E is important, and nothing should stop it, especially not ages. What TJ and Anna had, no one can understand, and that is not fair. When you spend  3 years with someone, on a desert Island, you are forced to get to know someone at their best or worst. So, falling in love is maybe the one of rare things that keep them alive there.

[Anna] In February, I woke up from a nap. A bouquet of flowers gathered from the various bushes and shrubs scattered around the island lay on the blanket beside me, a small length of rope wound around their stems.
I found T.J. down at the shore. “Someone’s been checking the calendar.”
He grinned. “I didn’t want to miss Valentine’s Day.”
I kissed him. “You’re sweet to me.”
Pulling me closer, he said, “It’s not hard, Anna.”
I stared into T.J.’s eyes, and he started to sway. My arms went around his neck and we danced, moving in a circle, the sand soft and warm under our feet.
“You don’t need music, do you?”
“No,” T.J. said. “But I do need you.”

Living, loving, and mostly surviving, was easy there. The real challenge was being rescued and get back into real World. They fight with parents, friends, people they do not know, and they fight with each other. Love is what bring them together, not ages, not those people. Love. 

TJ is pretty mature for his age. He grow up on that Island. But I think he grow up before that, after surviving fight with cancer. Anna just made him better, and stronger. Her true love and her understanding is remarkable. She never underestimated him, or bind him. Her love is unconditional. Unconsciously, she knew that at some point they will split p in real word, because as his mother said they are not at  the same faze of life. But the break up, just made them realize that they are unbreakable.

“It would be like eating your favorite food. At first, it would be great but after a while you wouldn’t want it anymore. It wouldn’t taste as good.”

Reading this book made my summer better, people. Emotions are beautiful. Believe me, if I ever had a problem with different age partners, I do not now. This book is BORN for this. To change your mind, and to made you F E E L the L O V E.


People, Love each other. No matter what. And fight for it.


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  1. Great review! This one sounds really interesting!

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  2. kindleandkompass says:

    Good one and glad that you enjoyed the book 🙂

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    1. Thanks for having time to read it 🙂


  3. Bookworms corner blog spot says:

    This sounds like an interesting story.

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  4. Empress DJ says:

    Well done!

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  5. Great review, I love your feature photo!

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  6. Jordanne says:

    Great review – glad you liked it! I love the cover 🙂

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  7. Cia Black says:

    Fantastic review.

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  8. Empress DJ says:

    I wants it!

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  9. lstorey67 says:

    this sounds like an interesting book, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the book.

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    1. Thanks for having time to read it. 🙂


  10. What a lovely feature photo!

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  11. ashleighjaynex says:

    great review, sounds very interesting.

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  12. Great review, the book sounds very interesting.

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  13. Heidi says:

    The cover is so pretty!

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