Hidden Star by Nora Roberts ~ Review



Bailey James couldn’t remember anything , but it was obvious that she was in dangerous, a big dangerous, and she desperately needed a private detective. Cade Parris is a private detective who will try to help her to remember who she was. She wasn’t a criminal, for sure, but why she had a full bag of money and beautiful, blue diamond, big as child’s fist?

Are diamonds girl’s best friend, or worst enemy?


Bailey ended up one night into the office of Cade Parris, private detective, not remembering anything about herself, and she didn’t know why she had a full bag of money and a blue diamond. Not having where to stay, Cade invited her, a total stranger into his house, and started working on her case, revealing her past. But, from the first moment they met, there was a chemistry between them. What impressed Cade was her knowledge about stones, diamonds, and jewellery .

“And she so desperately wanted to
be held, soothed, to be promised that her world would snap back into focus again at any moment. But
she needed to stand on her own. She could only hope she was the kind of woman who stood on her own
feet and faced her own problems.”

Bailey was having a nightmares, with secret messages….So, after some time investigating, they found out about her two best friends, Grace and M.J. and a man she believed he was a killer. Cade found out there was a jewellery run by two brothers , Timothy and Thomas Salvini in the area, the same initials as in her dream before.  When Cade took her there, Bailey started remembering that she worked there. Her mother had married the elder Salvini after Bailey’s father had died and Timothy and Thomas were her step-brothers. Bailey continued to work there as a gemologist after her mother and step-father died. She remembered that the Smithsonian museum had asked her to appraise the value of the three Stars of Mithra. She had overheard her brothers planning to run away with the three diamonds and one of them killed the other. The killer had seen her running away from the site of the murder and knows that she has the stones.


Bailey remembered that she had sent one of the stones to her friend M.J. and the other to her friend Grace for safe-keeping. Bailey went to M.J’s house to find her, but she was missing. When Cade and Bailey returned home, Timothy Salvini – the remaining brother – was waiting for them with a knife. Cade killed Timothy in self-defence in the fight that followed.


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