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Even the family conflict can not stand in the path of true love. At least Alan MacGregor is willing to show that to Shelby Campbell. Even she has strong feelings for Alan, who is senator, she doubts. She can not fall for a man who is going her father’s footsteps.


”Only the young think they know anything about wisdom”

                                                                                                -Nora Roberts.


Shelby is a wild spirit artist, who set up one rule in her life: she does not date politicians. Her father was a politician, and was murder in front of her and her brother’s eyes. She has never forgotten that scene, and it is constantly following her in life. She met Alan at one party, and it was love on first sight. But she is constantly rejecting him, because of his career. Alan doesn’t give up, and daily woos her with presents, attention and charm. She daily fall for all these, and go out with him, but at the end of the day, she remembers her rule, and her father, and reject him again. Connection between Shelby and Alan is amazing, and so passionate, wild and inadmissible. Alan is incredible man, with many virtue and values, but his charm and desire for Shelby is wonderfully described. On the other hand  Shelby is stubborn and persistent woman, who easily fall in love with him, but likewise doesn’t give herself so easily to him. 

With each touch they will burn, and at that moment there was no regrets. Their bodies will goosebumps and nothing could restrain them.

”She could fell his rage mixed with helpless passion, that was rising so fast , that was hard to control. And his anger mixed with fire , which flames rose that much ,that was hard to restrain them. She didn’t feel regret. She was where she wanted to be. Her fingers was squeezing his shoulder, aiming for more, and she was ready to answer his demands. ”


After many refusals, and denials, she could not stand anymore, and felt in his arms. Only one night with him was enough, to realize ” he was love of her life”. The fire between them was rising even more. His family accepted her and her wild spirit, even their families had history and conflicts. Alan was more than happy to have her as his wife. But yet again, there was a problem, when he proposed her, and told about his candidature for president. She could not stand that, her past crop up again, her father was murder when he was a president candidate. She could not stand to lose Alan. She just could couldn’t. That was her biggest fear. That’s reason why she had a rule not to date politicians. She knew what her mother was going through. But after talking with her brother and considering all the possibilities, she realized, that she could not live without him, and that was more important.

This classic, once again shows us, that no one knows to narrate and picture

romances and family drama better than Nora Roberts.

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